The Best Tactical Boots of 2016 – Tactical Footware


So, You are looking for some of the best tactical boots? Law enforcement tasks are very complex especially in the modern era. There is a lot of flexibility and responsibility which executors must be involved as part of their daily routines. Some of these tasks include: Patrolling Public order tasks Playing games like airsoft or paintball Being involved in an unexpected event such as bugging out Most of the times, when a call comes, there is no time of turning back to get the matching boots for the terrain. This is why […]

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How to Choose The Best Tactical Pouches


Since there are many types of tactical pouches available in the market, it’s advisable to ignore the bells and whistles and only choose a military pouch which will never let you down. The best military pouches are designed for people who do the toughest jobs such as law enforcement personnel, military or camera men working in rough environments. These pouches help them reach for items or easily grab weapons which may save their lives in one way or another. In the military, waist pouches or belt pouches are used to […]

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How to Choose the Best Tactical Plate Carrier Vest


What is a Tactical Plate Carrier Vest? A tactical plate carrier vest is designed with extra layers of protection for both military and police personnel. They have been made with great designs and styles which enable them to carry a great deal of supplies when going out. Other than being used by law enforcement personnel, plate carriers with pouches are ideal for fishermen, hunters, outdoorsmen or any other person willing to traverse in the wilderness. Tough plate carriers are made to carry armour plates they can be used without the armour plates. You […]

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The Best Tactical Chest Rigs – Reviews

best tactical chest rigs

An introduction to Tactical Chest Rigs Tactical chest rigs were first used during the Vietnam War. From that point on, they became popular and widely used by most nations during heavy weight combat. During the African Civil Wars between 1970s and 1980s, chest rigs were commonly used by the military and civilians as well to carry water, magazines, tools and extra ammunition. In this modern era, there are many types of chest rigs available in the market. Choosing the best type of tactical chest rig which is lightweight and compact […]

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Tactical Combat Gloves – Discounts Everywhere!


 An introduction to Tactical Combat Gloves Your hands are the best tools you’ll ever own. They are also the best weapons which give you first class assistance in case of attacks. It’s therefore advisable to keep them warm and in good order to avoid any injuries whatsoever. That’s the main reason why you’ll need tactical combat gloves at your disposal. Tactical gloves are important in a range of environments and activities such as bugging out, playing paintball or airsoft or spending a day at the target range. They ensure that […]

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The Best Sniper Ghillie Suit of 2016 – What to look for?


Sniper Ghillie suit – Get yourself a good one! Camouflage is among the basic weapons of war. It’s what makes a difference between a successful and an unsuccessful mission. Camouflage measures are important because they keep you alive in a heavy shootout environment or behind the enemy lines where you’re required to successfully monitor the enemy’s movements without being detected. There are two types of camouflages. These are the natural and artificial camouflages. Natural camouflages include the native vegetation growing in a particular area where a sniper augments his appearance to […]

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The Best Tactical Belts Of 2016 – Reviewed

the best tactical belts reviewed

The Best Tactical Belts of 2016 If you intend to buy the best tactical belts, it’s important to select the best tactical belts which will perfectly fit your waist. Most people associate these types of belts with military belts due to their design and utility. There are many options of the tactical belts available on the market. Each of these belts has been designed to suit a particular area due to their size, weight and design. Since there are dozens of choices available in the market, it’s necessary that you […]

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The Best Tactical Backpacks Of 2016 Reviewed

best tactical backpack walking in mountains1

The Best Tactical Backpacks of 2016 So, you are searching for the best tactical backpacks of 2016? Tactical backpacks are a must have for people working on law enforced areas, search and rescue missions or any other professional job out there where you can’t afford to be slowed down with multiple bags. What really makes these bags the best in the market is their sleek design and waterproof fabrics which are designed to withstand most tough and difficult conditions while still being comfortable that you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them. These […]

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