The Best Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves – Tactical Gear


Tactical gloves with knuckle protection are fast growing and becoming the best option for law enforcement and military use. These knuckle gloves offer a more reliable and durable feel while still protecting your hands against any damage. Most hard knuckle tactical gloves are made of PU leather, neoprene padding and woven materials which offer a lighter wear, a professional fit and an excellent appearance regardless of the occasion. The Tirain is among the leading tactical gloves with knuckle protection. These gloves are designed with a mix of durable nylon fabric […]

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EMG Dummy SAPI Plates Review – Advanced Tactical Loadout


Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) is a trauma plate used by armed forces as interceptor body armor or ballistic vest. Currently, SAPI is not restricted to armed forces only as it is used in the tactical vest and the modular tactical vest. These plates are ideal protectors against high-velocity rifle rounds. The EMG Tactical Dummy SAPI Plates insert resembles the real SAPI plates in shape and size. They are made using high-quality and durable high-density EVA foam. This review focuses on the features, benefits, pros and cons of using the […]

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Choosing a Perfect Small Plate Carrier

Condor Sentry Vest is the perfect solution for a small plate carrier Security professionals all across the world need to dress smart and a part of this dressing should be about being prepared all the time. Be it a law enforcement officer, security personnel or any other professional that deals with danger day in and day out needs to be geared with the right ammo. Now, the question is how should they carry this ammo? Additionally for people with a smallĀ build, finding the right carrier canĀ be a big problem. Times […]

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