Choosing a Perfect Small Plate Carrier

Condor Sentry Vest is the perfect solution for a small plate carrier
Security professionals all across the world need to dress smart and a part of this dressing should be about being prepared all the time. Be it a law enforcement officer, security personnel or any other professional that deals with danger day in and day out needs to be geared with the right ammo. Now, the question is how should they carry this ammo?

condor sentry vest

The Condor Sentry Vest

Additionally for people with a small build, finding the right carrier can be a big problem. Times have changed and products like the Condor Sentry Vest have arrived to make small plate carriers available to all.
Benefits of buying a small plate carrier
Why do you need a small plate carrier vest in the first place? Here is what kind of benefits you would get by investing into the Condor Sentry:

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• It keeps you geared all the time
• It is kind of a sensible protection
• It keeps you prepared for the worst
• It is a protection that is highly affordable
• Keeps your mags safe and organized
• It also keeps them intact for quick access
Some basic features of the Condor Sentry
This one is the best plate carrier for small guys that is available in the market. This is a highly durable vest that you can invest in and can be customized for a comfortable fit. It allows you to move freely and is soft to wear that can fit a range of waistline from 30 inches to 46 inches. I you are not sure yet here are some specifications:

Ideal small plate carrier

Ideal small plate carrier

• Can keep 8 plates like 4 on each side that distributes the weight as well
• Plate pockets are compatible with 10.25 inches x 13.25 inches
• Padded mesh lining of the interior makes it breathable
• Cinches well owing to its quick adjustability
• Its emergency handle can be dragged when there is a necessity
• Is light in weight
• Yet is highly durable
• It has a hook and loop webbing construction
• Available in different colors

See price and more information about the vest here

Overall, the product has been doing well for quite some time but as they say you cannot make all of them happy, holds right with this small plate carrier at least. Some users have complained about this being bouncy while running. The only remedy that seems fit for this kind of a problem is to tighten the carrier a little and cinch down for best results.
Come on, you need your armor! That is all and there are no doubts about it. The Condor Sentry Vest is a great product to invest in.

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