How to Choose Great Cowboy Gun Belts and Holsters

The western gun holsters and belts dates back to the 18th century and have always been associated with the cowboys. These western gun holsters and belts are essential aspects in the life of a cowboy since they were used for holding guns and bullets. Throughout history, the revolution of the cowboy gun belts and holsters have changed from the old-style holsters used during the civil war to the more modernized western holsters. Since you never know when your life would be in danger, demand for a more exclusive holster which […]

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Best AK Chest Rig – Get the Best AK 47 Chest Rig

best ak chest rig

An AK chest rig is a combat kit designed primarily for carrying additional ammo. Made with multiple pouches to hold AK-47 mags, these combat kits can be worn together with plate carriers to keep you armed and well protected against enemy bullets. The best ak chest rigs in the market come with well padded adjustable straps which gives you total control of the kit. These rigs are mostly light weight, tough, flexible and very comfortable giving you a chance to focus on your mission and not your gear. The Ultimate […]

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