EMG Dummy SAPI Plates Review – Advanced Tactical Loadout

Soldier with sapi plates

Soldier with SAPI plates

Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) is a trauma plate used by armed forces as interceptor body armor or ballistic vest. Currently, SAPI is not restricted to armed forces only as it is used in the tactical vest and the modular tactical vest. These plates are ideal protectors against high-velocity rifle rounds. The EMG Tactical Dummy SAPI Plates insert resembles the real SAPI plates in shape and size. They are made using high-quality and durable high-density EVA foam.

This review focuses on the features, benefits, pros and cons of using the dummy SAPI plates. Read on to find out why you should consider SAPI dummy plates in your default loadout.

Note that most MOLLE carrier vests are sold without ballistic plates, yet they are designed to have them, hence, they will lack the correct structure and shape.

You don’t have to risk unnecessary damage or wear and tear to your armor plates during tactical exercises or range drills as the SAPI dummy plates can help you to preserve it.

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With and without sapi dummy plates

Benifit: SAPI plates are giving structure

Features and benefits of the dummy SAPI plates

  • These non-ballistic inserts to give your carrier vest the correct structure and shape as well as enabling you to exercise without risking damage to your expensive real armor plates.
  • Though not rated as a life saver, these heavy duty plates made from high-density EVA foam can be used as floatation device.
  • Have curvature, thickness, and shape of the real SAPI armor plates.
  • Manufacturer: EMG
  • Size: 6×6 medium plates (side) and 10×13 Medium plates (front an back)
  • Units in Package: set of four, as it comes both back, front, and side plates


  • dummy sapi plates

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    EMG Tactical Dummy Training SAPI Plate Inserts are light weight (weigh 10 ounces) plates, and this ensures that the user is comfortable and can wear them for a long time while exercising.

  • They offer protection against damage to your tactical gear
  • These dummy SAPI plates gives your carrier vest the right shape and structure.


The SAPI dummy plates are not real ballistic SAPI plates as they are made from high-density foam.

Conclusion for the dummy SAPI plates

They come in different sizes and therefore you should be sure of the right size before buying to ensure that you get one that fits you well. Get the dummy plates while they are still in stock!.

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