How to Choose Great Cowboy Gun Belts and Holsters

cowboy gun belt

Wyatt Earp with his belt

The western gun holsters and belts dates back to the 18th century and have always been associated with the cowboys. These western gun holsters and belts are essential aspects in the life of a cowboy since they were used for holding guns and bullets. Throughout history, the revolution of the cowboy gun belts and holsters have changed from the old-style holsters used during the civil war to the more modernized western holsters. Since you never know when your life would be in danger, demand for a more exclusive holster which would make it easier for a person to draw his gun and reload it in a flash of a second arose.

In the past, western gun holsters and belts were either made by a blacksmith or a professional holster maker. Since the world has now modernized, these gun holders are being manufactured by different companies using high quality leather materials to increase durability. However, before shopping for a holster, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • The fit—when shopping for western gun holsters and belts, always pay maximum attention on the fit. A good holster stretches a bit and holds the gun tightly in place to avoid falling off. On the other hand, if the holster is too tight, it may limit you from drawing your gun fast.
  • The material—leather made holsters are the best to consider. This is because leather is flexible enough to stretch and hold your gun in place while allowing it to break free quite fast. Avoid shopping for holsters made from synthetic or vinyl materials as they’re not durable.
  • The fashion—one of the most fundamental aspects of a cowboy is to match the gun holster and the belt with his boots, hat and jacket. You can either go for a custom made fit or look for western gun holsters and belts which are compatible with the type of your gun.
Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster Rig

Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster Rig

The Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster Rig is one of the best gun holsters in the market. Made from durable premium leather material, this hybrid holster is designed to be worn around the waist while the gun comfortably slaps against the thigh. This fashionable design allows for easy removable of your firearm in case of a sudden attack. The belt is thick and double stitched to ensure durability. According to most customers, the western gun holsters and belts are the best for Hollywood movies, fashion and for reenactment.

Features of the Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster Rig

  • Made from durable thick leather—unlike most other gun holders in the market, the Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster Rig is made from premium leather about 3 inches thick. This allows this gun holder to endure extreme conditions without wear while keeping your firearms safely in place.
  • Compact design—this gun holder is designed to comfortably fit around your waist while the gun rests just below your hip. This design is the most preferred by most cowboys as it allows them to easily draw their firearms.

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  • This western gun holster and belt is made of high quality leather material that’s able to stand the test of time.
  • The craftsmanship is perfect and beautiful.
  • This holster is fairly priced considering the many benefits it offers.


  • Due to its thickness, it becomes hard to bend and do a lot of running with the belt on.

Final thought

cowboy gun belts and holsters

cowboy gun belt

Overall, the Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster is one of the modernized western gun holsters and belts in the market. Designed with premium leather with outstanding craftsmanship, this holster is the best for reenactments, costumes and for Hollywood movies. Having been welcomed with a magnificent 4.9/5 star rating from 29 customers, the Western Cowboy Gun Belt Holster Rig is the perfect solution for anyone shopping for a quality western gun holster and belt.

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