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 An introduction to Tactical Combat Gloves

Your hands are the best tools you’ll ever own. They are also the best weapons which give you first class assistance in case of attacks. It’s therefore advisable to keep them warm and in good order to avoid any injuries whatsoever. That’s the main reason why you’ll need tactical combat gloves at your disposal. Tactical gloves are important in a range of environments and activities such as bugging out, playing paintball or airsoft or spending a day at the target range. They ensure that your hands are warm and well protected against any hazards which may occur in the process.

Selecting the best armored gloves can turn out to be a tricky process. It’s important to first research on the best types of military gloves which are able to fit to a range of activities and environments. Your gloves should:

  • Be flexible
  • Be breathable
  • Fit well
  • Be able to keep your hands warm during an operation
  • Provide grip to your gun or knife
  • Blend in with the environment
    tactical combat gloves

    tactical combat gloves

How to choose the best tactical combat gloves

The first thing to look out for when choosing the best tactical shooting gloves is the material. Traditionally, leather has been the people’s choice due to its waterproof features and ability to offer basic protection. However, modern leather gloves come with an addition of a synthetic material which is stitched to the palm-side and the inner fingers to give you a perfect grip when using your weapon. On the other hand, it’s important to note that, leather can at times be slippery when used in wet environments hindering you from using your weapons well. During such occurrences, fabric gloves are the best to use as they’re lighter and the best to use in wet or winter conditions.

Something else to look out for when choosing the best tactical combat gloves is the insulation. During winter conditions, you need warm tactical shooting gloves which not only keep your hands warm but also help you use your weapons perfectly without struggling.

Apart from offering insulation on adverse weather conditions, tactical combat gloves can be of great help to military personnel when alighting from a helicopter using a rope or protect your hands from heat when engaged in a high threat environment full of explosions.

Getting the right armored gloves is a matter of life and death. This article will therefore review some of the best tactical combat gloves which your life may literary depend on.


VOROSY Men Tactical Combat Gloves

vorosy men tactical combat gloves

Vorosy men tactical combat gloves

The VEROSY Men Tactical Gloves are high performance combat gloves which suits every type of military gear. They are designed with an adjustable strap with a hook and loop enclosure as well as a nylon-mesh material which protects your hands against impacts and abrasion and keeping them warm at the same time. VOROSY Men Tactical Gloves are available in two different types which include; half finger and fingerless gloves. Each of these gloves is designed to suit a particular task such as motorcycling and driving. These gloves also work as combat gloves, assault gloves and shooting gloves as well. Users are expected to find these military gloves in three different sizes which include; Medium (7-7.3 inches), Large (7.5-7.9 inches) and Extra Large (8-8.3 inches).


  • The VEROSY Men Tactical Gloves have been stitched with high quality leather which offers maximum protection to your hands against impact and abrasion.
  • These gloves are lightweight and comfortable to use while cycling.
  • The gloves are flexible and firm making it easy to move your hands around.
  • The palm has been reinforced and has a perfect gripping surface making them perfect for military use.


  • The inside of the wrist is not padded.
  • Sometimes the gloves may appear larger than expected something which may be a problem to some users.

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Seibertron Men’s Black Tactical shooting gloves

Seibertron Men's Black Tactical shooting gloves

Seibertron Fingerless tactical gloves

Seibertron Men’s Black Special Assault Gloves are tactical shooting gloves which are specifically designed for men. These fingerless leather gloves are designed for rough tasks due to their texture. Available in four sizes which include; Small (7”), Medium (8”), Large (9”) and Extra Large (10”), these gloves are adjustable and the best for shooting and cycling.


  • The padding covers the gloves perfectly keeping your hands protected against any shock.
  • The leather in your palm is hard and durable offering you an easy grip to your weapon.
  • These leather gloves are pretty good looking and complement any type of combat gear.


  • The gloves are very stiff at first making you uncomfortable though they do settle-in well with time.

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Seibertron Special Ops Tactical Gloves

Seibertron Special Ops Tactical Gloves

Seibertron Special Ops Tactical Gloves

Seibertron Men’s Special Ops Tactical Gloves are excellent tactical shooting gloves which come with an adjustable wrist strap which makes them comfortable when wearing. These combat gloves are made of fine leather which is lightweight, durable and available in four sizes which include; Small (7”), Medium (8”), Large (9”) and Extra Large (10”). Due to the manual measurements, these gloves allow a 1-3cm allowance to ensure that you feel comfortable even when your fingers get bigger over time.


  • Made from high density nylon and anti-skid PU leather, the Seibertron Men’s Special Ops Tactical Gloves are durable and easy to wear.
  • These gloves are able to perform a number of tasks such as military personnel, rescue missions, fighting and climbing.
  • These gloves also features two adjustable wrist straps to fit your hands comfortably.
  • These gloves have a thick padding on the back to protect your fingers from abrasions and impact.


  • Some customers with small size hands have complained about the gloves stating that they’re sometimes bigger than your fingers making you uncomfortable.

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Tactical combat gloves are ideal for a number of tasks. Apart from being used by military personnel, these gloves are used for cycling, climbing and hunting. Most customers have praised the high quality nylon and leather materials used in making these shooting gloves stating that they offer maximum protection to your hands against shock and abrasion.

Each of these military gloves are important in one way or another. They have been designed to work in rough environments offering your hands maximum security and protection against most environmental hazards. Through reading this article, I believe that you’ll be able to make an educated move when selecting the best gloves which will suit your needs. Since each of these tactical combat gloves are available at an affordable price, you should not hesitate to make a purchase today since they’re available in every store at a discounted deal. Check out the seibertron special ops tactical gloves which are now discounted with $5!

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