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hard knuckle tactical glovesTactical gloves with knuckle protection are fast growing and becoming the best option for law enforcement and military use. These knuckle gloves offer a more reliable and durable feel while still protecting your hands against any damage. Most hard knuckle tactical gloves are made of PU leather, neoprene padding and woven materials which offer a lighter wear, a professional fit and an excellent appearance regardless of the occasion.

The Tirain is among the leading tactical gloves with knuckle protection. These gloves are designed with a mix of durable nylon fabric and leather pads which are lightweight, flexible and breathable. What makes these knuckle gloves the best in the market is the ability to multifunction. Unlike most tactical gloves with knuckle protection, the Titain Full Finger Gloves have the capacity to function as hunting gloves, shooting gloves, driving and cycling gloves. These gloves can also be used for military purpose, rescue missions, mountain climbing, fighting and tactical operations. These gloves are available in a variety of colors which include black, Army green and sand color.

Features of the Tirain Full Finger Multifunctional Glove

  • Light and durable—these gloves are light and durable thanks to a mix of high quality materials and fabric. The palm is made of nylon fabric while the body is made of antiskid leather material.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for increased comfortability—these gloves are designed with an adjustable wrist band with hook and loop straps for a tighter fit. This gives you the ability to concentrate with your mission without injuring your knuckles or suffering any setbacks.
  • Professionally made for all outdoor use—the Tirain Full Finger Glove is well reinforced, flexible and breathable making them ideal for all outdoor activities. The mix of nylon and leather fabrics on the body and knuckle pads makes these knuckle gloves more resistant.

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tactical gloves with knuckle protection

Tactical gloves with knuckle protection


  • The Tirain Full Finger Multifunctional Gloves are professionally stitched with a nylon and synthetic leather-like material. The back of the gloves and areas around the fingers are stitched with a half rubber half plastic material that protects your knuckles against impact.
  • These gloves are available in three colors which include Black, Army Green and Desert Tan. Depending on your taste and nature of work, customers have a chance of selecting their desired colors.
  • These tactical gloves with knuckle protection are designed to be used for multiple functions such as biking, shooting, mountain climbing, rescue missions and paintball gaming.


  • Although these knuckle gloves perform their intended purpose, they’re unable to protect your hands against cold.

Final thought


When searching for durable gloves that are capable of withstanding the test of time, the Tirain Full Finger Multifunctional Gloves are the best to consider. Having been welcomed with an outstanding 4.4/5 star rating from 197 customers, these knuckle gloves offers a mix of style, performance and comfortability. Whether you’re a professional mountain climber, an enthusiast biker, a hunter, a driver or a shooting expert, I would highly recommend you to try the Tirain Full Finger Multifunctional Gloves. Get them here!

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